Premium Large Black 70cm X 50cm


Printed on Premium satin photo paper. These paper are designed to ensure the highest quality and details to be captured by each of the paper pores which then reflect your image 100% to its original accuracy.

We only uses original HP VIVERA Ink due to their long term reliability and colour accuracy, ensuring each of your image is printed the way it should be, brilliantly. 

The final step is for us to encase your print into a quality ensured fibreboard frame, these are design to be light but yet durable for years to come.

Material :


  • Double PE Coated
  • Soft satin finish
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Fast/Dry crockle free


  • Frame: Fiberboard, Foil
  • Passe-partout: PH netural Paper
  • Front casing: Polystyrene plastic

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